Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low Casual Lace Up Shoes for Men

Choose from 20 colors available for Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low shoes.

About Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low

Shop for Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low at Shoes Hutt and take advantage of free shipping and free return shipping for Men's Shoes. We offer a vast selection of Polo Ralph Lauren Casual Lace Up shoes. Faxon Low Shoes for Men's are made by Polo Ralph Lauren and are commonly used as Casual Lace Up shoes. The Shoes are available in Black/RL Red, Kh/Rug Roy, Black/Pumice/Canvas, Pure White Calvary Twill/Sport Suede, RL2000 Red Cordura/Leather, Rl2000 Red Sport Leather, Heritage Red Sport Leather, Pac Royal Calvary Twill/Sport Suede, Turquoise/Pumice/Canvas, Pure White, Adirondack Khaki/Brown Earth/Canvas, Classic Stone Cavalry Twill, Colby Blue Ripstop Canvas, Flare Oran Calvary Twill/Sport Suede, Green Calvary Twill/Sport Suede, Ivory Cavalry Twill, Khaki Canvas, Khaki Chambray Nylon, Navy, Newport Navy Calvary Twill/Sport Suede colors. Polo Ralph Lauren also makes Hanford, Harvey, Fernando, Ramiro, Vito, Hamilton Shoes which are very similar to the Men's Faxon Low Shoes.